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Autor's Guidebook

“Female energy”

Feminine energy is how a woman manifests herself.

Her sensuality, softness, smoothness of movements, voice, flirting and a state of harmony with herself. After all, the microclimate in relationships, in your family depends on the state of a woman.


The success of your husband in business, the mood of the children, the atmosphere in the office depend on your condition. In fact, a lot depends on us - women.


If you are satisfied and relaxed, everything around you becomes better and happier. When you are in a resource state filled, peaceful, calm and relaxed - you can radiate this state outward and share it with the world.


7  day online course

“Awakening the sensuality”

What does it mean to be sexual and sensual and how to become such a woman?

When your sexual energy is activated:

- You attract new opportunities

- Your financial ceilings increase

- You feel more liberated and become more charismatic

- You have much more energy

- You are able to set boundaries and stand up for your boundaries

- Your creative flow opens up and you start thinking out of the box

- All sensations become sharper

- You take care of yourself and your body

- You enjoy life


Women's circles


As more and more women rise up into their leadership and take ownership of their truth and their voice, they feel a strong pull toward being in circle with other women.


The power of women gathering is immeasurable.

And when women come together to do sacred ceremony and ritual, magic and miracles happens.


I love creating safe, sacred space for women to come together.

Quantum Queen:
Empowering Women to Create Their Own Reality.
One year mentoring with Radika

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