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Why Circle, Why NOW


We the spiritual women of the world, are the solution to the problems.


When we will have millions circles in the world we will shift from a patriarchal society to one that is based on equality.


When women gather in circle, we transform ourselves and each other..

When we transform ourselves.

When we wake up to our feminine power - we bring a new consciousness to our families and our communities.


When our families and communities. become more conscious, we change society.


You, my dear sister, if you feel this deep truth in your bones...


If You feel the immeasurable power of the divine feminine.


We are ALL being called to step into our dharma, our purpose work, and contribute our individual part to the collective healing on the planet.


Most popular questions 

Do you need to know how to meditate or be a spiritual person?

No you do not need to be a pro yogi or a meditative person actually opposite the less “crazy spiritual” you are the better.


Sometimes simplicity is the best!

Women’s circles are the simplest way for as women to gather without any outside distractions. This is a sacred place where we honor Femininity, the place where we respect other women as a sisters, where we share support and love without waiting to get something back.


Women’s circle is a place to fave fun! Be open do different practices that will allow you to drown deeper into your true nature and open up your heart.


When I always attend women’s gathering as a participant I forget that I host circles myself.

I forget all practices I know and I just go with the flow.


I don’t have any expectations. 

Anytime we will have expectations something will go wrong. Because you will wait for something special in your mind but maybe there is nothing special..




I never actually thought about our women history until I turned 26 years old. When we don’t have examples of independent, strong, outspoken, sacred women, we can’t rise to our own potential. And when the only stories we’re told about women are about a Virgin and a Whore, we can’t help but embody the beliefs that our sensuality and wildness are evil.


These stories didn’t always dominate our culture. In indigenous cultures all over the world that pre-dated Christianity, the stories were about the Sacred Mother and the Sacred Father.


With the respect people have for the Goddess as the creator, this translated to respect of women as creators. We were honored as life givers, herbalists, healers, wisdom keepers and the doorway to other realms. Our wildness and sensuality was encouraged and we were taught that our bodies were sacred vessels meant to be  treated with the utmost respect.


But in the 13th century, any sacred feminine practices like herbalism, midwifery, seasonal living, owning one’s sensuality, or holding a certain level of wisdom and magic, were seen as heresy and being in cahoots with the devil.

This period known as the “Burning Times” lasted about 300 years and some historians are now saying that almost 9 million people (mostly women) were brutally tortured and murdered for not being Christian.


This way of thinking was what drove colonization all over the world, resulting in the eraser of many indigenous cultures, the genocide of Native Americans, and the enslavement of Africans.


It is so important to understand that the Sacred Feminine didn’t just naturally fall out of favor. It was deliberately and violently removed on purpose to control the masses and make people (especially women) fear and reject their innate power.


We were taught to no longer think for ourselves, to become who our father wanted us to be, to give e everything we have to our children, to say yes to everything, to never make anyone uncomfortable, and to prioritize fitting in over self-expression.

So, to me, the reinstitution of the Sacred Feminine isn’t a weird woodoo thing that witchy women do, it’s a necessity in re-establishing women and people as equals. 


Women’s circle is the place where women finding their voice, owning their power, understanding their purpose, and having the ovaries to get out there and make it happen.


To me, the structure and lessons that are embedded in the Sacred Feminine are the tools that guide women from being closed down and beholden to everyone else’s expectations, to being a fully expressed, authentic, successful, and happy woman.


I identify these structures as:

 1. The Creation Cycle that we see in the Moon phases, the seasons, and the menstrual cycle

 2. The 13 Sacred Feminine Archetypes

 3. The structure of creating sacred space

 4. Gathering in groups of women

 5. Owning our sensuality and bodies


Every month ones or twice per month we gather in a sacred space where we honor Devine Feminine and just give some time to ourselves.



The moon teaches us that we change and that's our nature. We will not always feel happy, it’s okay to feel down, lazy, sad. 

It’s okay to feel different because we are different every day!

Apr 25, 2024, 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM
Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica


Viktoria P. 

Thank you for the circle! It was, as always, very cool. It helps me a lot to recover, to be more calm and opens up new sides of me. The meditations that we did are a separate art. It is very interesting to get to know yourself through them.
And you are the perfect guide!

Polina F.

Dear Radika Thank you for the magic circle. I am infinitely happy to be in a women's circle, to meditate, make wishes, do energy practices, feel a woman's shoulder, hold hands, be attentive and caring to each other, immerse attention in my body, noticing it needs, thank my body! Your energy, inclusiveness, warmth, your knowledge, courage and fullness, helped to incarnate in such a valuable, sacred space, where we all know ourselves deeper and draw love from within.

Evgeniya F.

It was great!! Thank you so much, Radika, for this beautiful and fulfilling circle! I came feeling so confused and overwhelmed to the circle, but after the practices and meditations, I felt so balanced, focused, and relaxed. It was so great to meet all these beautiful women and exchange our energies cannot wait to come again!!
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