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Welcome to an exciting journey towards creativity and harmony 


12 months mentoring represents an opportunity to unlock the potential of your consciousness and change the reality around you.

In quantum life management, every thought, every feeling, every action has meaning and creative power. You will learn to consciously choose your thoughts, direct them to create the desired reality and attract the desired events. Every moment becomes an opportunity for growth, learning and transformation.


By following the principles of quantum control, you open the door to endless possibilities and strengthen your inner harmony and balance. Remember that you are the creators of your own reality - trust the process and give yourself permission to have a brighter future!

For those women who are ready to BECOME THE QUEENS OF THEIR LIFE
I created unique mentoring format.

The mentoring that YOU have been waiting for, where I will support you as a woman and business leader, where I will guide you how to use the power of your feminine energy.

You will finally realize that your feminine energy is a superpower, not a weakness, you will understand how to materialize all your ideas, live your dream life and start earning big money if this is something you are looking for


  • If you are tired of daily worries or that your personal life is getting worse and worse

  • Tired of your partner not understanding and not supporting you, not accept your nature

  • Not interested in what interests you, does not grow with you spiritually or materiall

  • Or maybe you're trying to forget about your former relationship and you continue to have the same lessons over and over

  • Keeping the door open to toxic relationships and people who don't treat you right and you are afraid to be alone

  • You continue to drown in the fears and traumas of your childhood, past or current relationships, and even after consulting psychologists, your wounds are still open.

  • Instead of building your business, you get stuck in working things out and look for the reason for not fulfilling your dreams and desires (highlight)

  • You took 100+ online courses and seems like nothing works

What if I will tell you that you have EVERYTHING and you can NOW start living the life of your dreams and that your feminine power and true nature is the key to love, feminine fulfillment and leadership!

                                Open and fill your heart

                             IMPROVE your well being

              Embody your female leadership in business

Through your heart, your softness, vulnerability and sensuality.

Perhaps you may think:

How can you develop a successful business and be feminine at the same time?

Will I have enough time for motherhood and a career?

What if I start making more money than my partner? Will this mean that I am in my masculinity?

How to attract a partner who can accommodate all of me and accept all my weirdness?

I constantly outgrow my partners...

With all of the above programs, limiting beliefs and programs, I PERSONALLY will help you get rid of

Because I was there, I went through it all and I know.

It's time for your life and career to blossom!🌺

Finally a place where you can take care of your personal life and your business in one:




Heal the Divine Masculine and Feminine within your relationship with your loved ones

Embody your feminine leadership and become your true nature, which was given to you by right of birth

What if the KEY to growing your business was the same key to healing your personal life?

What if QUANTUM REALITY has the power to NOT ONLY transform your love life, but also help your dream career BECOME REALITY!

QUANTUM AWAKENING is 12-month experience for women who make fast, clear, heart-centered decisions.

For those women who want to LIVE, LOVE AND LEAD OTHER WOMEN relying on their feminine power

It's time to:

✨Embody your feminine superpowers

✨Embody your leadership

✨Step into your power

✨Realize your vision

✨Guide from the heart

✨Magnetize and charm worthy soulmate or your partner

✨Show up in your radiance

 ✨Become the feminine leader you were born to BE.

Our journey together will consist of:

✔️90-minute couching session on the topic of the month ones a week for 6 weeks (cost: $500x6=$3000) 

Expanding and energizing leadership hot sessions

✔️90-minute mastermind coaching session ones a month (cost: $500x12=$6000)

A coaching session where you can ask the question on your heart regarding love, polarity, money, relationships or question about creating and supporting your unique business

✔️50% off my upcoming Wellness Retreat in Costa Rica dates tbt (cost:$2500)

✔️Access to my 7 day course Awakening the sensuality (cost:$120)

✔️90-minute SOUL meeting with me in USA, Costa Rica or anywhere around the world (cost:PRICELESS)

During a year inside Quantum Awakening, we will be embodying the

12 feminine superpowers in life, love and leadership!

First-Rate Materials

We have strict standards when it comes to what we produce and never compromise on quality. This is especially true when it comes to the first-rate materials we use. Our customers deserve the highest level of products on the market, and we work tirelessly to maintain those standards.


You will closely to the whispers of you intuition that holds the wisdom of your soul. You will learn how to live intuitive life, trust that inner voice that guides you towards what truly resonates with your heart. Intuition is your compass, your connection to the universe's subtle messages. You will embrace intuitive leadership fthat leads you towards your true path of purpose and fulfillment. This month we will explore trusting yourself and connecting with your inner Self. You will understand how to tap into YOUR specific intuitive superpower so that you can no longer doubt the small and mighty decisions you make in love, life and business, and finally feel aligned and grounded as you move forward.✨


This month you will dive into the enchanting world of feminine magnetism - a captivating force that draws in light, love, and liberation. Learn how to become a magnet for clients and lovers of the of the best kind!

Embrace your unique charm, grace, and power as a woman, radiating confidence and allure from within. Like a magnet, your energy attracts abundance, joy, and positive connections. Embrace the magic of your presence, for you are a beacon of strength and beauty.This month we will be exploring what makes us a magnet in love and leadership so no longer feel like you are "chasing" clients or romantic relationships, but instead attract them into your life💖


This month you will dream BIG, your desires lies the map to your most authentic self. Embrace your wishes as whispers from your soul, guiding you towards growth and fulfillment. What do you desire in life, love and career right now? Your heart's desires fuel your passions and ignite the fire of manifestation. Embrace each longing as a seed of potential, ready to bloom into your reality. Nurture your ambitions, they are the universe's way of aligning you with your true purpose and joy. A woman's desire is sacred. This month we will explore how openly and unabashedly expressing our deepest desires can get us to where we want to go, so that we can begin to live our true nature.🌟

This month we will dive into the boundless ocean of creativity - where imagination knows no limits and innovation thrives. You will let your mind wander through the labyrinth of possibilities, painting the world with your unique vision and shaping reality with your inventive spirit. You will be harnessing the power of our creative feminine life energy. Creativity is the heartbeat of progress, the spark that ignites change, and the symphony of ideas waiting to be born. This month offers you new ways to express yourself through mind, body and heart so that you can show up as a beacon to your community and loved ones, attracting only those who are willing to follow you in your divine movement. You will embrace your creative power, because within you lies the potential to transform dreams into masterpieces. 🎨



A woman's sensuality is untapped superpower, and if harnessed with healthy intentions, it will let the world around you be a symphony of touch, taste, scent, sound, and sight, inviting you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the present moment. This month you will embrace the art of sensuality - a dance of the senses that awakens the soul. Sensuality is the language of the heart, where every touch carries emotions, every taste ignites passion, and every sight paints a story of desire. Embrace your sensual nature, for it is a divine gift that allows you to experience love, career and life in its fullest richness..🌸

Vulnerability is not a weakness, it is a strength. This month we are will explore how our emotions and ability to reveal our true feelings is a gift for our relationships in love and at work. Dive into the depths of vulnerability - where courage meets authenticity and strength blossoms from openness. You will embrace the beauty of being raw, real, and unfiltered, you will lear how you can embody vulnerability in your life in ways that will protect your sacred energy, energize your community, and melt you into an emotional-intellectual partnership with your loved one. Allowing others to see the authentic beauty of your imperfect self. Vulnerability is a power to heal, connect and grow. 🌿

This month you will learn the art of receiving: in love and in guidance. Receiving is a skill that unlocks doors, fosters connection, and empowers growth. Knowing how to articulate your needs and desires is not a sign of weakness, but a testament to your self-awareness and respect for your own worth. Embrace the courage to ask and receive what you need, whether it be support, guidance, or simply a listening ear. Remember, in receiving, you open yourself to possibilities and invite others to contribute to your journey. You will turn to your inner Mother archetype to heal and uncover the wrong patterns that are preventing you from creating a happy life.🌟

The art of making everything beautiful is a woman's gift to the world. This month we will explore what beauty means to us and dive into the kaleidoscope of beauty that surrounds us - a symphony of colors, shapes, and moments that take our breath away. True beauty lies in authenticity, kindness, and self-love. You will find out what is your unique beauty superpower that will help you to shine you vision at work, in love and beyond.🌺

If you've ever been labeled as "overly sensitive" your world is about to change. Your empathy is a true gift to this world and, as a female leader, means we naturally carry the weight of the world -

because we are divine beings who can bear it. Empathy is the gift of walking in another's shoes, of feeling with them, and of shining a light of compassion in the darkest moments. This superpower should not be ignored. You will learn how to let empathy be your guide in a world that craves understanding and connection. Embrace the power of listening, the art of seeing beyond words, and the beauty of supporting others with an open heart. You will find the bridge that unites us all as human beings.🫶🏼

Dive into the essence of devotion - a bond that weaves hearts together in trust, support, and unwavering commitment. Identify the difference between divine masculine discipline and divine feminine commitment as it relates to your life's work, understanding where and how to utilize both disciplines in your journey. 

Embrace the beauty of being steadfast in your support, honor the sacredness of promises kept, and cherish the depth of relationships that withstand the tests of time. Discover the healthiest ways to activate this superpower in ways that make you feel in flow in romantic relationships and partnerships rather than longing.🙏🏼


This month we will dive into the captivating realm of the feminine mystery - a dance of secrets whispered by the winds of intuition, of depths yet to be explored, and of wisdom passed down through the ages. The essence of a woman holds a tapestry of enigma and grace, a blend of vulnerability and strength that unfolds like petals in the dawn. This topic will touch on the feminine power that is often the best-kept secret in our global communities, and how to activate it today so that we still offer our whole selves in life and work, yet know that the best is yet to come for client retention, deepening relationships, and the flexibility and freedom. Embrace the power of the unknown, the allure of the untamed, and the beauty of the ever-evolving feminine spirit.🌙

The feminine superpower of turning pain into power through alchemy.This month we will dive into the enchanting world of alchemy - the ancient art of transformation, where base metals turn into gold, and the spirit evolves towards enlightenment. Just like the alchemists sought to transmute the ordinary into the extraordinary, so too can we harness the power of change and growth in our own lives. You will learn the magic of self-discovery and the infinite possibilities that await those who dare to seek the gold within. Alchemy is where the deepest work is done, where the deepest healing and ascension takes place, where all desires are realized through your power as an integrated Queen.🔮












                             QUANTUM QUEEN JOURNEY IS WAITING 

Sign up for a free 30 minutes consultation where we will discuss what is your vision of your life, how you feel now and see if we are a good match for each other.

This mentoring is only for 5 women who are ready to take action and live that dreamy live of a QUANTUM QUEEN.

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