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To be more sensual and sexual, you first need to learn how to forgive yourself for the mistakes of the past. Accept and love yourself. You must listen to your inner voice, your intuition. Live in feminine nature. Be relaxed and make sure you make time for yourself. Trust.


The purpose of this 7-day-course is to return us WOMEN to our female body. To the body of sensuality.

My biggest desire is to help women to reveal our sensuality, not only through the body but also through the mind, and through the mental blocks we carry in our subconsciousness. 

I created this online 7-day-course with practices 

to reveal our feminine power and to experience the pleasure that we have by birthright in a our female body.

By share this state of pleasure and love with our partners/husbands, we empower them to rise up and embrace their full potential as a man; connecting with their inner, fundamental masculine selves.

I wish all the women of the world can enjoy the fact that we are born women and enjoy


To feel attractive and desirable. 

Discover their purpose, find your authentic self and attract worthy partners into your life.


When a woman does not feel her sexuality, she disconnects from herself and her body. This leads to feelings of insecurity and rejection; a loss of purpose and motivation. 


Spiritual and personal growth is difficult in such a state...


Sexuality is not about flaunting yourself, it's about feeling desirable and beautiful.



 Fear? Tightness?  Uncertainty? Resentment?

Can you see it?

Do you know why this happened?


It happens because the body is like a sponge, it absorbs all our emotions, fears and traumas.


Therefore, you may not even know how beautiful and bright you can be.


Working with sexuality gave me not only an internal result, but also an external one.


I hope every woman finds femininity, her true nature and finds joy in her life.


When you are in this state, you will feel loved and attract the right person for you.

Women who have connected with their feminine energy do not need to try hard by dressing up and pretending to be someone they are not; they know they are most beautiful when they embrace their natural selves. 


They enter a room and their powerful, confident aura radiates from them.


I could not understand what their secret was until I turned 26 years old and I finally found my superpower. It was actually always there inside of me, I just didn’t have the knowledge to express it correctly.


 Openness, trust in the universe,




 Our TRUE mission, as women, is to be the givers to this world.

And give not out of exhaustion but out of fullness.

an amazing gift that a woman can give to herself


Many women have a problem with confidence, and therefore with sexuality.


Confidence comes from knowing who YOU ​​are and being proud of it.


Full acceptance of yourself, with all your shortcomings, is the basis of a sensual and self-confident woman.


The theme of working with confidence will also be in the course.

Program of the course:

Day 1

What it mean to be a sensual woman and how to become one

 - You will learn why your sexual energy is low or seemingly nonexistent and how to replenish it.

From the very first day, you will notice the benefits from the techniques you receive in this course!

You will get many surprises

MOST POPULAR questions about the course

1. How do I remove sexual obstacles and embrace my sexuality?


- work with the body and obtain liberation

 - increase your creative energy

 - ability to accept oneself in all manifestations

-release of negative associations and beliefs

 - strengthening healthy vision of masculine and feminine energies in your psyche.


That's exactly what we will work on in the 7-day ONLINE course

Enroll for only 80$
instead of 120$


  - You don’t feel very attractive  

  - You feel uncomfortable in a relationship

  - You lack vitality, fatigue and apathy

  - You cannot reach a new level

 - You struggle with finances

  - Your life seems boring and not interesting 

  - You can't get pregnant


  - You feel confidence and self-love

  - You are in harmonious relationships

  - Your life is filled with bright colors

  - You take your career to the next level

  - You attract worthy partners/soulmates 

 - You easily fulfill your desires and achieve your goals

Tatiana M.

Beyond the practices themselves, the greatest gift from this course is the energetic one. The enthusiasm with which Radika expresses herself and the vibration she emits - I feel like by simply engaging in the energy of this course, I am experiencing effortless, positive energetic shifts in my day-to-day life. Thank you, Radika!

Yanika A.

Just finished dancing therapy ...Wow!

How much energy, juiciness and perception... 

I want to return to this flow of love. 

Thank you Radika for sharing and inspiring  

Victoria K.

This course is downright magical and I feel like I’ve learned more about myself in the past 7 days than I could in a lifetime. Seriously, it’s that good. Radika is an insightful guide and pushes you to feel deep in your feminine nature and really examine who you are and what you’re meant to do on this earth. 

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