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Hi, my name is Radika
and I was growing up without one wing

I’m a professional model, wife, mother, daughter, friend, women’s circle leader, yoga instructor and a women’s life coach.
I guide women on how to awaken their unique inner world and find their authentic selves.
I hold a powerful space for women that are ready to remember who they are and who they were born to be, a Deity! I work with traditional women’s wisdom and practices that were always there in our hearts. 

I always knew I was born on this planet to help others. But I didn't know how.


Growing up without a father is like flying without one wing.

Until I decided to get my second wing back! 

Until I realized that I am the creator of my own reality!

I will be forever grateful to Vedic knowledge that came to my life when I was 26 years old and my life took a different path…

I finally learned how to be a true woman. Yes, at the age of 26 but it's always better late than never right!? :) 

Right after my new understanding of life I changed my diet and started practicing yoga and meditation. I became a yoga teacher and AstroPsychologist. 

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With my new lifestyle, everything had changed. My environment began to change in a positive way. Men looked at me differently, not just as a "pretty face" but something more.

My female magnetism was so strong that even women couldn’t take their eyes from me. 

At the same time, I started dating a wonderful person who then, after some time, became my husband.


In the year after my spiritual awakening, I connected with my father that left me when I was a 6-month-old baby. I forgot and forgave everything that I ever resented and held within myself because of this man. Doing so made me forget everyone who's ever hurt me throughout life.

I let go of all the pain that was no longer served the



When I was pregnant I decided to have a natural home birth and it was an amazing experience that made me a mother and made me realize how powerful 


I knew that I wanted to work with women, share my experiences, learn and practice together. I wanted to put all my knowledge together and I did just that! 


I became a women’s circle leader. 

This is the best way in helping women elevate their feminine and sexual energy!

I see in every woman a sister, friend and a mother. I truly believe if women on this planet will support, respect and love each other with all their hearts, there would be no wars. 


We women have the power to bring in new life
and we fill others with what we hold inside ourselves.

That’s why many of my practices focus on self-love and self-care. If we give love to ourselves we will give love to others around us.

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