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Who is to blame for the disappearance of pleasure in a relationship?

We all have a need for love, for care, for recognition, for praise, and these are absolutely normal needs, so it so happens that very often in childhood we were not given 100% of these needs. And here come the big problems that we face in adulthood.

We start demanding all these things from our partners we shift responsibility to our partners. Where does this come from?

Yes, from our childhood.

From our unhappy inner child/traumatised inner child…

We need to pull ourselves out of the position of a child when we feel bad, when I'm hurt, when I'm scared, when I'm sad, when I think why he or she is not not interested in me or why he/she left me.

Along with him/her, my life is ruined. Any fear if you spin it out, equal to the fear of death.

Your partner mirrors you it can be not only a partner it can be a colleague, a friend, a child, all our surroundings are our mirrors.

We live in a huge mirror room, but we are still the same.

Yes it's the reflection that shows us and that's what you're not happy with in the outside world right now - it's all about looking into yourself right now.

If you feel that your partner does not love you enough it means that you do not love yourself enough and you do not pay enough attention to yourself.

Just put automatically on that side and you will see where is your problem.

We are waiting for someone to come and give me love

or someone will come and my life will immediately become joyful and cheerful.

No my dear! No one will come and do it for you!

Ones you start giving love to yourself everyone around will give you the same.

Your mantra is ⬇️

“I can meet all my needs by myself and give my inner child everything”

Develop awareness through meditation for example it’s the best practice of mindfulness development🧘🏻‍♀️


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