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The secret of fulfilling your desires

Happy New Year my friends may your wishes will come true in 2022!

In order for our dreams to come true we need first to determined what we really want. Is it truly our desire or it’s it’s imposed by someone…Is it materialistic or spiritual?

Here are top 5 tips how to write down your wishes:

1. Write the wish in the present tense as if it has already come true.

📝 Example: I am the owner of a black BMW X6. I have a black BMW X6. I am a CEO of.. and etc

2. No particle "NOT"

📝 Example: I am healthy, beautiful, I am in a good shape.

🙅🏻‍♀️NOT: I'm not sick. I do not smoke.

3. No harm to other people.

Desires must be sustainable.

📝Example: If you write a wish: “David left his wife for me,” get ready for difficulties. You cannot write such Desires!🤪

This desire is not "healthy", causing pain and suffering to other people.

Our desires should be pleasant and for the good of us and other people.

4. Use your senses instead of detail.

Imagine and visualize your feelings that you have for your fulfilled desire.

📝 Example: I am the owner of a black BMW X6. When I get behind the wheel of my car, I feel happiness, freedom and confidence.

5. Desires should only be in a positive way, without negativity.

📝Often occurs: I want to get rid of debts and loans.

📝Correct: My income is (amount). I feel comfortable, confident, and so on.


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