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Shifting from Critic to Cheerleader

Self worth begins with a commitment to your dreams, your aspirations and your truth.

No one will ever care about your worth as much as you. Chose to believe in it.

Be your own cheerleader. If you want to be chosen you must first choose yourself.

If don't use your self confidence, you will lose it. Use it or lose it.

You must choose wisely.

You see, we all write our own story, yes, you choose how you want it to go. How you perceive your life is how you experience it.

So when your thoughts start creating a story you don't like, stop them and re-write how you do want the story to go. You may have to change a few characters or create a new scene but the stage is yours, front and center.

If you are on a stage with people who do not fit into the story you are trying to create, share your desires with them. See if they understand and want to be a part of your dream.

If they don't fit the role then get a new cast

Surround yourself with people who see your brilliance.

Who want to support and be a part of your beautiful creation you call your life.

Create Your Cheerleading Team Reflect on the people in your life.

Are they supportive of who you are?

Do they help you to own your worth?

Do you have a cheerleading team?

Birds of a feather flock together.

Find your block.

Expand your circle to include people who value you.

Who are happy and inspired by your presence🤩


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