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My story how I accepted and forgiven my dad after 26 years

Many times I mentioned this story because I really think it’s very inspiring and it helped not only me, but many clients that I spoke with during astrology consultations.

So, after many years since my dad left us when I was a baby I decided to reach him out. I wanted to talk, to forgive and start a new chapter. I knew that this will change something. So it did.

After I start talking to my dad my life changed 80 degrees I felt such a relief. My relationships with men changed. First time I felt so feminine I felt weak in a good way. I felt that I have a father who is right there for me.

It was a different feeling, as a girl that grew up without dad I always had to be very strong or pretend that I am. It was really hard mentally to feel left by your dad.

And after everything changed almost right the way I started dating with my husband and what happened after you already know 😀

Healing my relationships with dad helped me not only to get married.

It helped me to be more forgiving, loving, accepting others the way they are. I stopped blaming people around and be cool with what I have and be grateful!

And I really wish everyone to start forgive people around you who really deserve to be forgiven.


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