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Manifesting my dream

Last September I wrote a note in my phone “women circle as an idea”

I saw somewhere on internet this kinda events but never had a chance to go yet.

But ones I would start to imagine how this will look like I totally could feel my body was giving a crazy reaction back!

Right the way I would become so happy and full of energy. It was so inspiring and I knew that this will come true.

And here we go… a year after I finished 2 schools of women’s circle leader. In English and Russian.

I’ve host circles in both languages. Finally become proud of myself.

I’m still dealing with perfectionism but I am letting go more often now.

I talked about manifesting in my stories and I want to share a quick practice of manifesting that I’ve been doing 5 years and that’s how I overwrite my life after I moved to USA.

✨ seat in quiet

✨ think of something you’re dreaming about or just want something really bad

✨and imagine that it already happened, it came true

✨turn your attention into your navel area (3rd chakra)

✨and feel deeply…is it feels right for you?

✨is it something you want TRULY?

✨our body cannot lie it will let you know right the way

✨if there is something that it’s truly meant to be for you you will feel unconditional loved and happy

✨yes you will get butterflies all over your stomach 🦋

✨if there is something you want just because “it’s cool” or your friends have it and you want it too, or from Instagram and etc. Something that’s it’s not really yours

✨you may feel sad and uncomfortable even disappointed.

Remember not every that we dream about are truly our dreams. Sometimes is can be your parents wish or even your ancestors.

Photos are from the last women’s circle. It was so magical I still can’t get enough of it💫


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