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Life balance wheel — the best practice to keep you on truck!

The balance wheel is a representation of the realms of life in the form of a wheel, divided into parts according to different spheres.

With this tool, you can evaluate current state of affairs in life and highlight zones growth for happiness, harmony and success.

(example swipe in the picture)

These are standard formulations, some of the areas you can call it your way.

It is necessary to assess each of the areas by 10 points scale, where 10 is the highest score and the complete satisfaction with the scope.

Then paint over each part of the circle assessed.

Try to honestly assess each area.

The resulting figure will clearly show which of the spheres is normal and which is lagging behind. Did you notice how little actions you did for undeveloped areas?

Now you need to start fixing ️

You can write a plan right now development for each of the areas. Writing down a plan would already be a big step.

swipe for ideas 👉🏻

Now you will become happier and understand

where to grow and improve the quality of life.

After such a study, you will be able to move on a full-fledged and strong resource.


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