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Ladies welcome to the month of cherishing the Femininity

March is the first day of spring and is the month of Devine feminine.

Here are some affirmations that will help you to rise your women’s energy 💫

🌸I like being a woman.

🌸I achieve my goals easily and in a feminine way.

🌸I am happy that I was born a woman.

🌸I am a woman. And I'm proud of it.

🌸My femininity is realized every day

🌸I inspire myself to new achievements.

🌸The source of inspiration is inside me.

🌸I have a huge amount of energy.

🌸The energy inside me grows every day.

🌸I have a huge flow of energy.

🌸I open my femininity.

🌸I develop in myself flexibility, tenderness, softness,

🌸I love myself.

🌸I thank my inner woman for giving me the opportunity to live a full, vibrant, rich life.

🌸My feminine state is lightness, love, acceptance.

🌸I am feminine and sensitive

🌸I enjoy my feminine state

🌸I admire, appreciate and cherish my femininity and uniqueness.

🌸My feminine state is a state of acceptance, gratitude, forgiveness and unconditional love for people close to me.

🌸I always remain a true woman and allow men to do what they are naturally meant to do.

🌸I easily and with pleasure allow men to show their best qualities and their masculinity next to me.

🌸My femininity makes it easy for me to be flexible, mellow, and accepting.

🌸I am piebald and cheerful, I share the happiness of my femininity, with love and gratitude I fulfill my feminine destiny in life.

🌸My femininity gives me the happiness of harmony and satisfaction with life.


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