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How to connect with our feminine planet VENUS

I recommend to choose 1-2 things that resonates to you and try to do them 1-2 times a week.

1. Photo session

Be sure to do a trial professional photo session in an unusual/ new way something different and creative.

Bright makeup? High heels? Men's shirt? In lingerie? Photoshoot in clothes?

Next, post these photos on social media, place them on the willpower of your phone or in a frame. You decide!

But it is important that you have eye contact with your inner woman.

So that you look and think: “Wow, that’s ME”

2. Female gatherings

• Attend women's trainings

• Women's circles

• Meet your girlfriends

After spending time with like minded women you will increase your strength, good mood, motivation and inspiration.

3. Take time for self care.

• Go to beauty salons. Mani Pedi. Care procedures, cosmetologist, massage, SPA

• Make it a habit to do something in the morning and in the evening

• Take a Epsom salt/foam bath periodically.

You can light candles, incense and just enjoy being in silence with yourself.

4. Flirt and chat.

• with husband or partner.

Smile at the cashier at the store. And even if the cashier is a woman. Does not matter!

• Don't be afraid to ask for help. Even in small things.

• Give gratitude.

5. Create beauty with your own hands

• It could be make-up, painting, decorating, or even dressing up.

• Work with flowers, which you can buy and make bouquets for yourself

You understand that ideas can be different do what really resonates to your SOUL ☺️


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