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A mother’s insights

This weekend I released how hard is to be a mother and trying to build my own business.

And specially a mother of a toddler… 🤫

Its much easier to work for someone I guess and just receive a monthly payment.

When you try to build something you don’t get paid, you don’t even make any money first years.

Sometimes I feel like building my own business and brand could probably wait after Ari will be bigger but I can’t I feel the inspiration now and I want to keep going.

I am a 0 business woman I never had an example to watch and learn from. I’m learning everyday by myself.

I am horrible in management and finesses. I already received many messages from people that my women’s circles are way to cheap for what I give 🤨

And I know that! I have big problems in the financial sphere. Nobody thought me that I am worthy.

My mom will always give everything for everyone and think about herself at last.

I never knew my father until last 5 years and if I knew him he wouldn’t be helpful as well he is not a business man at all.

So now me trying to learn how business works while having a toddler and breastfeeding at 2,5 years it’s a bit of f*cking challenge lol.

But I’m sure I’ll get rewarded.

For every woman or mother who is working hard and building a business from scratch…and raising kids know that you are worthy to have what you WANT! And you WILL !

I believe in you ❤️

I want Ari to be proud of her mommy🙏🏼


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