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Sacred space where you'll find your inner truth and authenticity  


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The story

of the name of my brand started in 2017, after my spiritual awakening. I was so exited to share my experience and a new view of the world with my girlfriends and created a chat group in WhatsApp. 

I intuitively knew how important it was for women to be connected to each other and have an opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings in a safe environment.

Now is the time to expand onward and benefit not only within a private community of awakened women but to everyone who is drawn in by the Spiritual Vibes.


I hope you will find everything you need here. Just like many others before you, listen to your soul and follow your inner voice.


Why did I decide to host women’s gatherings and work with women?

Five years ago, I started studying Vedic knowledge and got very inspired by this amazing information I discovered; how to harness our feminine nature and what it means to be a woman.


It was very hard for me to accept that I was actually acting like a man 80% of the time. There were reasons for that: I grew up without a father and was always ready to protect myself and I always had to be very strong...


I believe that this led me to attract the wrong type of men in my life. I was not being my true self and was living an unbalanced life. 


When I finally honed my inner woman and her mission in life, I felt released. I discovered something very sacred. 

I started filling my life with the right things that I learned from my spiritual teachers and mentors and my life has changed!

I've always received attention from the opposite gender but this was something different.


Men were attracted to me, not because of how I looked, but because of something more... something sacred.


My attitude, my voice, my walk. Everything! I became softer, more feminine, more vulnerable and relaxed.


In this state, I started receiving a lot of insights and access to even more sacred and feminine practices.


You can access these insights and more in my

7-day online course

“Awakening the sensuality”

This course is for you if :

- You don’t feel Your Divine Feminine self

  - You don't feel attractive 

 - You feel uncomfortable and insecure in relationships

- You have lack of vitality, experience fatigue and apathy 

 - You cannot reach a new level, break through the financial ceiling

- Life seems boring and not interesting 

- You can't get pregnant

- You are disconnected from sexual energy 

- You have problems with self-esteem and confidence


Tatiana M.

Beyond the practices themselves, the greatest gift from this course is the energetic one. The enthusiasm with which Radika expresses herself and the vibration she emits - I feel like by simply engaging in the energy of this course, I am experiencing effortless, positive energetic shifts in my day-to-day life. Thank you, Radika!

Yanika A.

Just finished dancing therapy ...Wow!

How much energy, juiciness and perception... 

I want to return to this flow of love. 

Thank you Radika for sharing and inspiring  

Victoria K.

This course is downright magical and I feel like I’ve learned more about myself in the past 7 days than I could in a lifetime. Seriously, it’s that good. Radika is an insightful guide and pushes you to feel deep in your feminine nature and really examine who you are and what you’re meant to do on this earth. 

This is how the idea of women's circle came to me...

I intuitively knew that I needed to work with women. It became my mission in life.

This was 100% confirmed after I found out that my second chakra, which stands for female power, sensuality and sexual energy, is one of my most filled chakras.


I have a huge desire to share all my knowledge with women and help them to connect with their inner woman.


Having a woman's body is GIFT and it's so sad that most of us don’t get it.

Today most of the women are living in masculine energies. Because of that so many women have problems getting pregnant, especially in the USA.


Most of us here are working 24/7 building a career and making money, which is great but we must NOT forget to cherish our feminine side. 


There is a time for work and for nourishing our passions. We must find harmony and balance in our lives to be our most authentic selves. 


I created a Guidebook

“The Feminine Spirit: a Guide on Female Energy”

A woman's bible with sacred knowledge about feminine energy and practices.


Do you feel like you want to activate femininity but you have no idea where to start?

Take simple actions to take your female energy back, know your worth & feel beautiful inside and out.

FREE 50 easy steps that you can take even if you have 5 children and a full-time job. 

Lili B.

I love the list of 50 things. It is so honest and brave and true.
Being feminine is something that is so rarely defined in western culture.
That's why there are so many masculine women going around thinking they are doing the right thing by beating their husbands down. Or being in competition with them.
Thank you for sending it to me. It was a great reminder and I will read it again
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