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WOMEN what actually means this word

I would like to point out here the word women.

Inside the word women the word MEN is there too. Interesting why!?

My ideal version of a women is the WILD WOMEN archetype. It is a very sweet balance between masculine and feminine energy.

I’m focusing a lot on the feminine energy because in our world at large we need more feminine energy, we need more honoring of the feminine, we need to balance it out and most of us as a women need more feminine, more relationships to feminine energy.

To balance ourself up and give more reverence for the feminine energy.

In the women’s circles or any other women gatherings, where is safe and loving atmosther these women are fed, nourished and when they go back to their families, to their son, brother, husband, partner, father, grandfathers.

They are infuse with the deeper and stronger sense of the themselves and that freeze the men in so many ways as we are really centered in ourself.

Thats what happens to my husband after I’m back from the women circles.

If you feel like you are missing this part of the feminine energy I invite you to stop thinking and make a step towards your TRUE NATURE, to come to your HOME.

3 more spots for the upcoming circle in Norwalk this Friday at 5:30 pm

For registration DM me or click the link in my BIO.

A quetion to those who ever went to women gathering in one word how would you describe your state after ?

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