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Why I love Astrology

I’ve been sharing about my spiritual growth for 5 years in my stories last month and I mentioned many practices that helped me to wake up. I saved it all in highlights

“My journey”

Astrology is one of my favourite guide in everything I do. I finished couple online schools about stars and how they actually influence us.

I was never an astrology believer but after I did readings for my whole family, many friends I was in shocked 😳 it was so on point. Even traveling I check if that specific day is good for us, our marriage day, our daughter horoscope…

Not that I go too crazy 😝 I just use it as a tool to make better decisions and understand more.

There’s a lot to filter as well as in every science. I mostly do astrology by having my own feelings first, using my intuition. And after connect all together.

It answered to all my questions like

“why my parents got divorced”

“why I don’t click with that girlfriend“

Questions about mission in this life, personality, abilities and everything!

So right now we are in Venus retrograde which mean that the retrograde movement of the planet will have an impact on our personal relationships and finances.

Emotions will be hidden, and reactions slowed down. At this time unresolved problems will become your priority.

Think twice and decide which relationships are worth keeping and whom you should let go. Take a pause before you resume contacts with former partners — during Venus retrograde, you will be especially tempted to return to past relationships.

Remember that this period is granted to us in order to understand ourselves, to tackle old issues and to discover our potential.

Venus is also responsible for finances, so avoid unnecessary spending. It is the period when we most often buy things that we will never use.

Free up space in your house and closet. Be careful with the deals you make, postpone new business projects. Paying of debts during this period is especially favorable, though.

Venus retrograde is given to us to nurture self-love. Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all💖


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