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What is truly Sexual energy?

Sexuality is careful and gentle self-care, it is enjoyment.

This is subtle feeling of oneself and our emotions.

It's about the ability to enjoy life while being life itself.

It's such a powerful energy, and many suppress it...

Because this topic is taboo🙊

Sexuality is the energy of life. By suppressing it, we will capture life in ourselves.

And because of this, many people have problems such as:

• cannot grow in finances and sales

• fatigue, apathy

• lack of confidence

• fear of the opposite sex

• health problems - diseases of the reproductive system (thrush, replenishment, erosion), intestinal diseases (ulcers, inflammation, irritation)

• life seems hard

• do not detect actions for post and development

This is only a small part of the entire list of what we will work with on my online 7 days online training.

We are starting next week👏🏼

Is this sphere something you would like to work on? If so….Make sure to book your spot😎


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