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Waldorf education

Waldorf education is something I discovered one year ago and I’m so grateful for it❤️

Watching our baby being in such a lovely and wonderful environment makes me so proud. I’m learning everyday and I’m open minded to everything that comes to me.

When first I heard about Waldorf I didn’t know exactly what’s that, but after I did some researching and this what I found out…

-Waldorf schools are distinguished by a friendly and comfortable environment, which encourages the child to choose what interests him.

-Development of the creative potential of the child.

-The child shows the abilities given to him by nature in a comfortable environment, without fear, stress and assessment of his actions.

-Children are in a comfortable environment, similar to a family.

-Natural materials are actively used for decoration of premises, games and activities.

❌TV and computers are missing.

-Children take care of animals, plant and grow plants, spend a lot of time outside.

-Children learn esoteric ideas about the world.

Is this a dream!? For me definitely 😃

I want Ari to be closer to nature as possible. I grew up in the village and until 12 years old I was running barefoot 🦶 every single day in the summer.

We had sheep and goats 🐐 and also a huge vineyard in my backyard and a lot of land. I was a free and wild child!

No phones, TV only couple days a week.

I miss this lifestyle to be honest, but I do understand that will not be like it was anymore…

Time changes, at least we will try to make it simple as possible.

I want Ari to be a HUMAN and not a ROBOT.

So it is ✨


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