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Time management if you want to become little more happier

Time management is a very challenging topic for me and I still learn how to include it in my daily life. My spirit is too wild and free to follow anything lol

That’s way commitment, discipline and time management are not easy for me.

I will share with you something that is really helping me. Maybe it will help you too.

As I wrote in my last post I try to make my plans in the beginning on the New moon cycle which helps me as a woman to be more connected to the moon energy.

And I like to divide my plans into spheres like:

1. My Health/body - sport, being active, how many time to workout, taking my supplements, detoxing, food.

2. Family - how to spending time, cooking, plans, relationships with my husband and etc

3. Spiritual growth - which is meditations, reading, yoga, astrology and all spiritual practices.

4. My relationship with Arianna - here I write what games to play, what to learn with her, where do go and etc.

5. My mission in this life - women circles, astrology readings, gatherings, helping people, sharing on Instagram and inspire others.

6. Rest - here I write what I like to do to rest, sleep is the most important right now😅 and having enough time with myself, in my own aura.

You can divide your goals and tasks in many more spheres of your life you can add hobbies, work, finesses and etc.

For me right know is no finesses lol 😂 but I’m sure soon I will add this sphere as well.

Also hobby for me is my spiritual growth and mission I envoy it and I could do it all day long.

Hope this was helpful 💫


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