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Opening the week of self-love

Since tomorrow is the international women’s day I decided that this week will be about me, us, women.

It’s hard 100 % to stay positive and balance while the whole world is going crazy. But we must not give up and rise up even more our feminine energy and light 💫

The whole world needs peace and a lot of love!

For me, love to the world starts with self-love which means:

🌸living in harmony with oneself

🌸taking care of yourself and your health

🌸taking care of the emotional state

When we are full we can give more love, we can help others. From the state of wholeness it’s much easier to GIVE and DO something important.

Rules of this week ⤵️

- to sleep at least sleep 8 hours, take naps with kids if you are a mother and don’t have enough sleep during the night!

- to get a massage, go to spa/nail salon

- work out of love and creativity. DO not push yourself if you don’t feel like doing something

- ask yourself more often "what do I want now?"

- be active, connect with yourself through the body

- to go sleep before 10 pm

- do not seat in your phone at least 2 hours before going to bed

- morning without phone first hour at least

- more inner silence

- meditate/ to do yoga/ dance and have fun.


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