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In each of us lives an inner adult, a child and inner parent.

But the most important in our life is the inner child, as it is responsible for joy, unconditional love, acceptance.

What’s happening to our inner child when we become adults?

Your inner child is still there even when you are 50 years old.

We are adults by the fact of our age according to the passport - YES, but this does not mean that we are already really adults, because very often the behavior of adults is absolutely childish, someone is offended like a child.

This is our inner child who has unsatisfied needs since childhood and we all have these needs!

There is a need for love, care, acceptance, recognition, praise, and these are absolutely normal needs.

Unfortunately very often in childhood we were not 100% given these needs.

The traumatized child inside is: 👇🏾

- eternal envy and dissatisfaction with oneself

- constant resentment that others have everything, but I don’t

- a constant desire to look into someone else's garden and compare yourself with others

- fixation on the opinions of others

- the desire to fight for one's own and the feeling that nothing comes easily

- mistrust

- anger at the world and parents for what you did not get

- feeling of eternal hunger

- intense judgment of others

- chronic dissatisfaction with one's appearance

- inability to laugh at yourself

- eternal feeling of humiliation

- disbelief in dreams and the fact that they can come true! The dream seems like a miracle, not reality

For most, the child is traumatized inside, because being a child as an adult is shameful, and you might simply not have time to be a child as a child, because you grew up without 1 parent or took responsibility early. In 95% of people, the child inside is traumatised.

Many people have problems with it… Take a loot at the list where did you find yourself?


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