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I’m sure you all know about the chakras

and I want to go deeper into this topic because I feel like it is very important self healing method which we inherited from our ancestors way before antibiotics..🙂

Chakra, which comes from ancient Sanskrit, means "spinning wheel of light."

The chakra system is comрosed of seven main energy wheels that regulate our energetic bodies. It comes from ancient texts called Vedas

The chakras were described as being connected by nadis (Sanskris for "rivers"), which allowed prana (Sanskrit for "life force") to flow through our bodies.

In order for us to experience optimum life force, to have the best physical and emotional health, and to flourish, all the chakras needed open to be and spinning, thus allowing energy to flow freely throughout the body

If any of the chakras were not performing optimally, energetic imbalance or blockage could ensue, leading to physical, emotional, spiritual, and life issues.

Seven chakras form the foundation of our energy bodies. These start from the base of the spine, and travel through to the crown of the head.

Each of these seven chakras relates to specific organs within the body, as well as various emotional, psychological, and spiritual states.

❤️the root chakra is at the base of the spine

💛the sacral chakra, which is found around two inches below the belly button

🧡the solar plexus chakra in the abdomen

💚the heart chakra is the the chest

💙the throat chakra in the neck

💜the third eye chart is in between the eyebrows

🤍crown chakra at the top of the head


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