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How to stay mindful during the holiday session ritual

Today is the day where we give thanks, we spend more time around the loved ones. It’s a truly beautiful time of the year but this time also can be very challenging. Specially when we get together with people that are our family but that’s all about it. It’s okay not to be friends with all your relatives.

Getting together for the holidays it’s a blessing and please let’s not practice gossiping, judging others, finding faults, or complaining about other people or situations, this will leave you consumed in negative thoughts.

They create jealousy, guilt and fear. Yet they are a reflection of how you feel about yourself.

They feed the inner garden of your mind. Yes they create the weeds, they are not fertilizer for a growing mind. Observe yourself, your thoughts and your words, see where negative judgment is affecting your life.

From a waiter restaurant,to a sales rep or a co-worker, to your family and friends. These negative thoughts clutter your inner space clutter lower vibrations that quickly turn on you. Journal your inner critic. Give it a name!

Train it to shift from critic to cheerleader. When you catch yourself seeing something negative, stop and find the positive in it and express the positive. Talk with your inner critic. Teach it to be positive🤩

Fertilize your mind with positive thoughts. Stop seeing the negative and begin to see only the positive in everyone and everything. Especially the things you complain about. Keep your attention on the positive. Make it a new way of life. Put all your attention on finding sormething good in everything.

This will create a new playing field for your mind. Be the cheerleader not the cсritic.

✔️Ritual for the holiday weekend

Write down each time you complain. Spend a few minutes seeing how you can shift that complaint into а compliment. See how that complaint affected your energy and those around you.

Happy thanksgiving to all! Wishing you peace and harmony 🤍


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