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How to make wishes correctly

Today we have a new moon - the best time to work with desires

1. We write desires in the present moment, as if you already have it.

2. No "NOT" particle.

❌ I'm not sick.

✅ I am a beautiful, healthy woman.

3. Desires should be directed to you and only.

No "to make the children happy", "husband loved."

This is not egotistical if you will be happy we will make happy our loved ones.

4. Your desires should not harm others.

"So that he does not marry her ..."

"For her not to succeed"

These desires are not environmentally friendly, as they bring pain to others.

5. Do not limit yourself in time and do not set limits.

“To be presented for a birthday” or “my husband bought” - you should not dream like that.

Let the Universe deliver what you want in the best way possible for you.

6. Use your senses when visualizing

Don't just imagine how you have it. More importantly, at the level of the body, feel the state that you will experience when it appears in life.

7. Wishlist should rock

If there are no emotions from the hidden inside, then this is not yours. The desire should be bold and large-scale, so that goosebumps rise from one thought.

The more a woman wants, the more abundant her reality will be 💫


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