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Friday update of Ari’s bedroom and play area

I also think it’s important to talk about toys.. What toys are good for developmental?

A game for a child is a way to learn something new and develop their abilities. The toy will be useful if it suits the age and needs of the child.

Tasks of toys from 1 to 3 years old

📌Stimulation of the senses (sight, hearing, touch).

We offer toys from different materials: wood, rubber, metal, cotton and linen, wool and leather, plastic, paper and cardboard.

This will give the child a rich sensory experience: soft-hard, warm-cold, flexible-hard, etc.

📌Hand development: different grips, fine motor skills (intelligence at the fingertips). Cross-arm movements that help symmetrical development of the cerebral hemispheres.

📌Eye-hand coordination - the ability to control your movements and concentrate.

📌Development of aesthetic taste and perception.

📌Development of speech.

📌Development of concentration and the ability to bring what has been started to the end. Finding a positive self-image: "I can."

Questions before buying a toy: “What is the purpose of this item? What will my child get by studying with it?"

If there is no valuable answer, then it is better not to buy a toy!

All our plastic toys are giving by someone, unfortunately most of that toys I have to donate… that’s why for next Ari’s bd I will make a link with things we need 😀


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