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Early childhood education

I love to see how our baby girl is spending most of the time outdoor. This is the most important for development.

Waldorf philosophy is all about the things I like🥰

For example we come to the parent and child class and we bake bread (!) how cool is that?

That’s what I used to do in my childhood lol.

Waldorf education strives to educate the whole human being. Through its philosophy, curriculum, and innovative teaching methods Waldorf educates the physical, emotional, intellectual, moral and spiritual facilities unfolding in the child.

Outdoor circles, songs, time in the nature is my vision of the best early childhood education💫

Waldorf education is the fastest growing form of nonsectarian, independent, private education in the world.

What toys you should avoid. What toys are not useful🤢

Toys oversaturated with stimulation can captivate the baby for a long time, but they will not be useful.

And they can even harm, as they depress the psyche.

I am talking about toys that don’t have a clear purpose from the child's perspective, do not provide the right sensory experiences and tasks that will help them gain useful skills.

Toys with unnatural characteristics (a bouncy hammer, huge foam blocks, Velcro blocks, pink lions, crimson dogs) inhibit the formation of standards and retard the general development of the child. They especially negatively affect the development of speech and fantasy.

Examples of harmful toys:

● beasts of unnatural colors do not provide reliable information about the world;

● talking electronic toys - disorient the child, hinder speech development;

● toys with given programs and a plot - deprive the child of independence, subjugate his will and imagination;

● toys in which you need to press a button to make a sound or get a picture, use a minimum of the child's intellectual resources.

I know… there’s a lot of toys to throw out lol.. because in the modern world those are most popular ones.


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