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Breathing exercises for women

I want to share this practice with you that helps me to keep high my feminine energy

What is it about. In some Vedic and esoteric teachings, it is believed that the womb is the center of the sacred feminine energy, which is responsible for creativity, passion, desire and well-being.

When a woman "breathes" with the womb, she allegedly activates the energy of the Universe, and through it - the life force.

The practice promises to improve relationships with men, to get rid of resentment, illness, loss of strength and any negative conditions.

How to practice uterine breathing.

1. Find a comfortable, safe place where nothing will be distracted. Sit in lotus position, keep your back straight and concentrate on your breathing.

2. Touching different parts of the body to "realize" and feel them. Continue to concentrate on your breath and your sensations

When you have relaxed, you can move on to the uterus.

3. You need to put your palms on the uterus and ovaries - in the area just below the navel.

Slowly inhale and exhale, imagine how the flow of energy flows between the palms and the abdomen, and then spreads throughout the body.

You can also think of the womb as flower 🌸 and imagine how this flower is opening and close with every breath.

Or imagine how the uterus fills with energy, and when exhaling, everything bad goes away.

This practice won’t take you much of your time, literally 5-7 minutes, and you will get the energy for the whole day

Be sure to try it and let me know how you feel 😊


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