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7 Ways to Strengthen Relationships

1. Pleasant little things.

Over time, emotions and passion fade, a routine appears.

So don't forget to do nice things for each other.

Let it be a nice note, a small present or a night at the hotel. All these little things will bring some freshness in your relationship.

2. Spend more time together.

Try to get out if your child is bigger and you have someone to leave him with.

Leave your chill with grandma/relatives/babysitter or even with a friend who may also have kids and they can play :)

Try to spend time together with your partner.. Do something like you did before marriage or before becoming parents.

Go to cinema/parks/ a bar/ or just sit and kiss in the car.

3. Don't try to change your partner.

If you want to change something, then start with yourself. Why mold something out of a person?

4. Allow you to spend time in different companies.

Give a man the opportunity to miss you. This is also good for you. It’s good to get distracted from the house routine.

5. Speak pleasant and affectionate words.

Many men love with their ears 😜

6. Thank him.

The energy of gratitude has tremendous power. Therefore, do not skimp on gratitude. Say "thank you" to him every time he does something for you. This will motivate him even more to do nice things.

7. Discuss problems.

If there is a conflict, then this problem should not be avoided. No need to swallow and endure. Many people are afraid to discuss disagreements, but there is nothing wrong with that. After all, the conversation can be made pleasant

Ones a week if not more we have “soul talks” and we try analyse our relationships. Each of us is sharing what is not ok and what we don’t like in each other. This really helps to get out all that “garbage” that’s causing the problems.

Girls, what problems arise in your relationship? How do you usually solve them?


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