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5 keys of resource state

These are the things on which your whole life is built.

With these keys you will increase your level of awareness

FIRST KEY: which one needs to be changed - it is an overestimated expectation

❌ They destroy business, destroy ideas, bright thoughts.

High expectations break intuition.

This is the main virus that destroys everything in the bud.

Just do everything in the moment, don't expect anything, don't ruin yourself!

SECOND KEY: "Don't worry about not knowing something or not knowing what you want"

We may act, even if we do not know how.

We take new actions. To change life, you need to do something new.

We are responsible for our actions, and God is responsible for the result that we need.

We do everything in a state of happiness. Only in this way will you succeed.

We go and live not by the goal itself, but enjoy the path to it 💫

THIRD KEY: "We do not take away the energy of the future, loved ones, our health"

It is very important here to change the mindset from “I want this” to “What can I do for this”

FOURTH KEY: rise up your real female instinct”

A woman is unique.

She can keep warm in herself for her everyone around, for her favorite business and not give it up even in a critical situation.

FIFTH KEY: "This is the position of an adult"

Be in the position of an adult. Do not analyze too much , do not waste your time.

Test, explore.


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